Map Gallery

The web mapping applications below provide a wealth of information used throughout the Development Services workflow. Zoning, Future Land Use (FLU), parcel information, and a variety of other datasets are available. Printing and sharing through web links are provided.

If you have any questions regarding the accuracy of the data, please contact the Development Services Department.

If you have any questions regarding a how-to session, application functionality, or data availability, please contact the City of Palmetto GIS Dept at

Map Gallery

Thumbnail Street Maintenance 2019 Web Mapping Application Opens in new window

Street Maintenance / Responsible Party (2019)

The Streets Maintenance (2019) web application is intended as a general reference tool to determine the parties responsible for road maintenance associated with a given centerline, street, road, highway, etc. If there is a question regarding the responsible parties please verify with Manatee County Public Works or the specific party referenced within the dataset.

Thumbnail Planning and Zoning Web Mapping Application Opens in new window

Planning & Zoning

Through this interactive web application, you are able to verify a parcel’s Future Land use (FLU) class, Zoning, & various parcel attributes. The Address Finder is on the top left along with other functionality, such as Legend, Layer Selection, Charts, Basemaps, additional Contact information, & links to P&Z documentation. The top right of the application includes the Bookmarks, Query, & Print functions. Please, take your time & enjoy our web application.

Thumbnail Information Lookup Web Mapping Application Opens in new window

Information Lookup

This web application references a number of features including administrative, emergency services, planning, political, & utility boundaries & service areas. 

If no features are found at the location, a general message indicating the location is outside the City of Palmetto Service Area is displayed.

Thumbnail Flood Information Web Application Opens in new window

FEMA Flood Information

Using the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood data, this web mapping application serves to highlight FIRM panels, flood zones, and any potential changes to the flood maps within the City of Palmetto, Fl.

Thumbnail Annexations Web Map Opens in new window


The Annexations web map includes the boundary for each annexation as well as the associated ordinance, date, and other attributes.