Business Damage Assessment Survey

Complete this survey to help us determine damage to businesses in the County

If your small business sustained damages as a result of Hurricane Ian, the first step you should take is to fill out a Business Damage Assessment Survey. The survey is NOT an application for assistance or resource, but it will help state and local government agencies know where the businesses are that need assistance. 

Document damage to your business for your own records ASAP!

Once you can return to your business location, it is important to document the damage sustained during the disaster. If you can re-enter your facility and the damage is minor, make temporary repairs to correct safety hazards and to minimize further damage.

Take photographs or video of all damage prior to making repairs for future business damage assessments. Contact your insurance company immediately and arrange to meet an adjuster as soon as possible. As you make repairs, keep all documentation and receipts to provide to your insurance company. Only hire licensed contractors certified by the state and your local jurisdiction. You can verify a contractor’s license at