City Clerk


The Office of the City Clerk is dedicated to providing an array of quality services to the public, Commission, and Mayor. The broad range of services include:

  • Maintaining all official City documents
  • Coordinating City elections
  • Preparing agendas and minutes of Commission meetings
  • Retention of ordinances and resolutions
  • Providing notifications of public hearings


The primary responsibilities of the City Clerk include:

  • Acting as clerk to the City Commission
  • Preparing agendas for public meetings
  • Maintaining the official record of the Commission's minutes
  • Having custody of the public records of the City; processing public record requests
  • Acting as the official custodian for the seal of the City
  • Updating the City’s code of ordinances
  • Administering City cemetery records
  • Administering occupational business tax

Other Functions

The City Clerk oversees many of the administrative functions of the City, including: