Uniformed Patrol Division

Dodge Charger police package with light bar, push bumper and Palmetto Police Department striping on

Palmetto Police Officers assigned to the Uniformed Patrol Division patrol the City of Palmetto, respond to calls for service and are the face of the Police Department to the community. Officers are assigned to one of four squads and work set 12 hour shifts to serve the City of Palmetto 24 hours a day. Each of the four squads are lead by a Sergeant. Each Sergeant is in charge of a Corporal and three to four Officers.  

Squad A

Sergeant Micah Mathews

Office: (941) 721-2000 x 6106

Squad B

Sergeant Garrett Makeever


Office: (941) 721-2000 x 6116

Squad C

Sergeant Michael Kelly


Office: (941) 721-2000 x 6117

Squad D

Sergeant Chris Cavazos


Office: (941) 721-2000 x 6124

Contact information for Uniformed Patrol Division Corporals and Officers

Corporal or Officer eMail addressVoicemail extension
Corporal C. Metzgercmetzger@palmettopolice.comx 363
Corporal A. Uruchimaauruchima@palmettopolice.comx 6373
Corporal L. Diazldiaz@palmettopolice.comx 6139
Corporal B. Schlabachbschlabach@palmettopolice.comx 312
Officer T. Matthewstmatthews@palmettopolice.comx 366
Officer K. Chastainkchastain@palmettopolice.comx 6372
Officer H. Baezhbaez@palmettopolice.comx 301
Officer M. Wilsonmwilson@palmettopolice.comx 311
Officer N. Leenlee@palmettopolice.comx 320
Officer K. Gonzalezkgonzalez@palmettopolice.comx 361
Officer M. Petersmpeters@palmettopolice.comx 305
Officer A. Hernandezahernandez@palmettopolice.comx 304
Officer J. Carrjcarr@palmettopolice.comx 306
Officer G. Luxglux@palmettopolice.comx 307
Officer D. Deleon-Thompsonddeleon-thompson@palmettopolice.comx 319
Officer Z. Ambruszambrus@palmettopolice.comx 317
Officer M. DeGraevemdegraeve@palmettopolice.comx 313
Officer J. Hoseinjhosein@palmettopolice.comx 318