Bicycle Registration

Police Department records indicate that the majority of bicycles reported as stolen do not include serial numbers in the report. That makes identification and the subsequent recovery process virtually impossible. The Palmetto Police Department has developed a bicycle registration program that will keep track of all of the bicycles registered to City residents.

What is the purpose of this program? 

The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of bicycles stolen and assist the police in the recovery of stolen bicycles.

How much does this registration cost?

There is NO cost to register a bicycle. Bicycle owners are provided with a decal that is attached to their bikes. The serial number and owner’s information is entered into a database, which is then made available to police officers in the Department.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I register my bicycle?

Yes. You will need to bring the bicycle, and photo identification which shows your home address and or contact information.

Bicycle Registration Form