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In an effort to help keep businesses safe after hours, the Palmetto Police Department would like to invite business owners to participate in our Business Trespass Program. The program is open to any business, public building, or private commercial building that does not have staff present 24/7. The program authorizes Palmetto Police Officers to issue trespass warnings to persons that are on your property when you’re not there. If these individuals return to your property after hours and after being warned, they can be arrested. The program will only be enforced at your property when you, or your staff, are not present.

It’s easy to enroll in the Business Trespass Program. Complete the packet (including key holder information and a list of persons authorized to be on the property after hours) and the Affidavit of Authorization and return the packet to the Palmetto Police Department. The Affidavit of Authorization must be notarized but, this can be done at the Palmetto Police Department if you return your application to the station directly. A member of the police department will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to inspect your property and to make recommendations as to where your business trespass signs should be placed. The signs are provided free of charge for you to post. Once your signs have been posted, your participation in the Business Trespass Program is activated. A link to the packet is posted below.

Participation in the Business Trespass Program is voluntary. On the one-year anniversary of your activation, you will be contacted to renew your participation.

Thank you for helping us to protect your business!

Business Trespass Program Packet