Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewer Service 

How to Protect Our Sewers

The City’s Sanitary Sewer department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the wastewater collection system. This means all of the pipes that draw wastewater away from your home or business as well as the network of pipes that connect the pumps to the treatment facility. The City has roughly 65 miles of sewer gravity main lines, 14 miles of force main pipes, 1,248 manholes, 20 ARVs, and 42 City-owned pump stations. These pump stations are maintained by the WWTP operator.  In addition to the City-owned lift stations, the City collects wastewater from 55 privately owned and maintained lift stations.  

The Wastewater Treatment Facility is owned by the City and operated by: Veolia North America. The WWTP processes the wastewater that is piped in from the City’s collection system, as well as maintains the City’s 42 pump stations. This raw sewage is treated to an advanced level that meets or exceeds federal regulations, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System standards (NPDES). Historically, the AWTP's discharge effluent levels have remained well below established requirements. The WWTP has a permitted capacity of 2.4 million gallons of wastewater per day.

If you experience issues with the City Sewer, During normal business hours, Monday - Friday 7 AM-4 PM, contact Palmetto Public Works Department at (941) 723-4580.  During Nonbusiness hours and on weekends, please contact Palmetto Police Department at (941) 721-2000.