Sheldon Jones

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Sheldon Jones was born and raised in Palmetto, and his family are fourth-generation Manatee County residents.  He proudly served in the United States Army from 1986 to 1993, and was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant, decorated with a National Defense Service medal among others. He has worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 19 years and the federal government for 26 years.

Commissioner Jones has been married to his lovely wife Tonya for twenty-two years and has raised four beautiful children. Sheldon and Tonya have had the privilege of working in the foster care system by fostering and mentoring numerous children since 2015. 

Commissioner Jones served on the USPS' Diversity Committee and is presently the Union Representative. He is the current Coordinator at “Stamp Out the Hungry” which is a charitable food-drive conducted by the National Association of Letter Carriers in the United States. Sheldon has a passion for representing people and for helping people in a community. Sheldon firmly believes that to make positive changes in this world, the effort must be put forth by one's own hands, with hard and honest work. 


With deep roots and a true love for this community, plus a devoted work ethic, Sheldon plans to apply his experience to ensure Palmetto thrives and improves during his time in office. 


In his spare time, Sheldon likes to golf, fish, and walk their dog Pedro, rescued in 2014.