Cross Connection Prevention Program

The City of Palmetto provides backflow prevention devices as part of the City’s cross connection control program. These devices, required by FDEP, prevent contamination of drinking water.  If you have any issues or questions about these devices, please check with our Cross Connection supervisor at the City’s Public Works department (941) 723-4580.  The City has been made aware of individuals offering to service these devices for our customers.  These backflow prevention devices are owned, tested and maintained by the City.  

The fee for this maintenance is already part of your bill if you have a line on your bill for cross connection.  If you are not sure if you have a backflow prevention device installed, please check with Customer Service at City Hall (941) 723-4570  

Backflow Prevention Device Examples

Built into the meterSeparate Above GroundCommercial Above Ground
Meter Built-in Backflow with Test ports highlighted (Animated GIF)Above Ground Backflow with Test ports highlighted (Animated GIF)Commercial Backflow with test ports highlighted (Animated GIF)

Please take note of the visible test ports on each example.