Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant is a lifelong resident of Palmetto and has been involved in city government as a volunteer or elected official for over thirty years. She is in her third term as Mayor of the City of Palmetto.

The Mayor of Palmetto is an elected Mayor and Palmetto is considered a “Strong Mayor” form of government. By Charter, the Mayor of Palmetto is the Chief Executive Officer of the city and has direct supervision over appointed officers. The appointed officers include the Chief of Police, the City Clerk, the Public Works Director, the City Attorney and the CRA Director.

The City Charter states that the Mayor may not vote on any action of the City Commission, including in the case of a tie. Accordingly, under the Florida Sunshine Law, the Mayor may consult with and discuss any subject with individual Commissioners.

The Mayor must be an elector and have been a legal resident of the city for a minimum of 365 consecutive days immediately prior to the last day of qualifying for election to the office. The term of office is four years.