General Employees' Pension Plan Board


The Board meets quarterly at 8:30 a.m.

The 2020 meetings are scheduled for February 24, May 18, August 31 and November 30

Palmetto City Hall, 516 8th Avenue W.

Board Members

Jim Freeman:  City Clerk Term permanent

Cheryl Miller:  Term Expires 2021

Matt Bloome:  Term Expires 2021

Vacancy:  Term Expires 2021

Dale Hoffner:  Term Expires 2021

Ellen Leonard:  Term Expires 2022

Allen Tusing:  Term Expires 2022

The Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members, two of whom shall be general employees elected by their peers, two of whom shall be legal residents of the City appointed by the City Commission, the City Clerk, and two selected by the other five Trustees.


The General Employees’ Pension Plan Board of Trustees is comprised of volunteers and employees of the City.