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Hurricane Procedures Building Department

Hurricane Ian Building Department Information 

In response to Hurricane Ian, all Building Inspections will be canceled for September 27, 2022 and until further notice. As a reminder, all construction site material, debris, and related materials must be secured or removed immediately. 

Thank You and Stay Safe Everyone!

The functions of the Building Department are to:

  • Protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the public
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents
  • Administer and enforce the City's codes
  • Eliminate unsafe buildings


As part of the enforcement process, major permits are issued for:

  • Building (PDF)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical (heating, cooling, refrigeration)

A permit is also required to erect a fence and for other minor construction projects such as storage sheds. If you are not sure whether or not a permit is required, call the Building Department at (941) 721-2166 before you proceed with your improvement.

Please click on the link below to visit the web address. Here you can:

  • Apply for a Building Permit
  • Check results and/or schedule Building Inspections
  • Search any City of Palmetto address to view the Building Permits

Link: Access my Gov