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Sep 09

Please Do Not Litter

Posted on September 9, 2020 at 9:11 AM by Penny Johnston

It is very frustrating that people disrespect the City residents and other guests who come to use the park or boat ramp at the southern gateway of Palmetto.  The abundant litter and total disregard for our shoreline has got to stop! City staff and I had a meeting recently and are already working on a strategy.  Sadly, because we have broached the subject before, the solution may include monetary charges for the use of both the fishing pier and/or the boat ramp.  It would be so nice if people would be respectful of this beautiful boat launch, but perhaps the minimal charge will encourage people to clean up after themselves, or at least help fund the staff needed to maintain our natural resources.  Please be aware of the damage caused by litter, and please encourage others to properly dispose of their trash, rather than just tossing it out on our streets or waterways.

Keep Manatee Beautiful is planning clean-ups in September.  Click at this link Keep Manatee Beautiful for more details.  Thank you for helping to keep our city clean and safe.